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Where it all began!

FlowersFrom an early age I have been drawing, painting and creating. I grew up in the country not far from Noosa which we visited regularly. This combination of country and beach up-bringing inspired a love of nature which is evident in many of my paintings.

While these experiences enriched my childhood, there was never money available for artistic endeavours or materials. Hence I never had a formal art education. I attended my first art class in the mid 80's while living in Cairns since then I have taken classes and workshops at every opportunity, thus increased my artistic knowledge and skills.

Early on I worked mainly in oils and acrylics. It wasn't until the early 1990's that I discovered watercolour; in particular the wet in wet technique. I immediately fell in love with the medium, its challenges, versatile and unpredictable qualities.


In the late 1990's while living in Brisbane I was able to broaden my knowledge by attending regular classes and workshops and devote more time to developing my watercolour skills. Since then I have won many awards and in 2006 started teaching watercolour classes at Royal Queensland Art Society, and later that year held my first solo art exhibition. Since 2007 I have been invited to take part in the Hamilton Island Art Gallery's artist in residence program. This culminates in an exhibition as well as conducting daily classes.

My paintings are held in private collections in Australia and overseas.

These days I reside on the Sunshine Coast, conducting workshops and continue to "play" and push the boundaries of watercolour.

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